Other Greek grapes

The diverse “mosaic” of white grape varieties is complemented with such exotic varieties as Lagorthi, Agrippiotis, Santameriana and Asproudes in Achaia. Some of these grapes are grown uniquely from one or just a few different producers. There are also excellent wines from mainstream Greek varieties such as Assyrtiko and Malagousia. If there is a common link among these wines it can be concluded in the words elegance, freshness and purity of flavors.

Ilia is a “melting point” for grape varieties grown also in other parts of Peloponnese and the neighbouring Ionian islands. Local Tinaktorogos is a rare white grape indigenous to the area of Ancient Olympia and

old enough to be mentioned by ancient poet Homer! It’s a member of the broader Asproudes family of grapes and during flowering it casts many of its flowers, carrying thus a “green harvest” and yielding a small amount of grapes. It has great acidity levels and delicate aromas. There are also excellent examples of Assyrtiko, Asproudes, Robola, Malagousia and a few other grapes.

Other local reds have also a part to play in the vineyards of Achaia and Ilia, with varieties such as Mavroudi, Vertzami, Black of Corinth (stafida), as well as Agiorgitiko and Mandilaria adding to the native weave.