Food & Wine Pairings

Korean Food and Wine Pairing Classics with wines from Western Greece

A thing that we Greeks have in common with Korean people is that whether we are in a restaurant or, even better, at home, eating family style and sharing the food with our friends and guests is one of our loveliest habits. Our tables are always full of diverse and strong flavors and many different small plates (“mezedes” in Greek).Wine is part of the festivity. It’s like almost Kimchi and rice that Koreans never separate. In Greece people can’t separate wine from food. There in no great meal without wine and this is the reason why Greek wines evolved as being great partners with a variety of dishes. For a wonderful cuisine, complex and diverse, such as the Korean, someone should enjoy at least some good or great wines alongside the Korean food. A table laid out with a resplendent array of panchan (or mezezes for Greeks) invites the sharing of food as well joy, friendship and love, over some great bottles of wine.

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