Food & Wine Pairings

Food and Wine Pairing Classics with wines from Western Greece

In Greece wine is traditionally served alongside food, especially the delicious Mediterranean flavors that various local Greek cuisines offer. And Western Greece especially, offers a great variety of wines and styles that make for an alluring combination with food. One of the main characteristics of Wines from Western Greece is their subtle character that reveals another, unexpected charm when sipped with seasonal Greek food as well as dishes from international cuisines. The attraction of Western Greece’s wines is this subtlety and elegance. Their balance between acidity and fruitiness, a result of the wonderful climatic, very often high-altitude, conditions, plus their abundant mineral tones, due to the complex geological composition of their soils, make them ideal for drinking with a meal.

Achaia and Ilia are bracketed by the 37th and 38th parallels, yet despite their relatively southern location they are very much influenced by two factors: proximity to the sea and high altitude (in specific locations). Thus, the grapes tend to be perfectly ripe in flavors but high in acidity due to the cooler-climate conditions. Some vineyards, in regions such as the PGI Slopes of Aigialia climb up to 1000m. above sea level or even more. The delicate acidity and inherent energy of these grapes result in wines that are very food-friendly and absolutely brilliant to pair with food. Powerful, assertive, concentrated wines can be really beautiful on their own, but their extreme power can be tiring on the palate. But a wine from Western Greece will never become tiring, busting with energy and freshness making it ideal additions to the dining table.

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